Using the Site

What software do I need?

You might already know this, but the program that you're using to look at this page is called a web browser. There are many different web browsers available online, and you can use any of them to view this site. But to get the most out of this site, use a modern web browser, and make sure that you are using its newest version. For most browsers, you can check for updates by clicking the "Help" menu at the top of the browser.

This site uses an Indian script called Devanagari to display most Sanskrit. Several Devanagari typefaces are available, and you likely have one installed on your computer already. The site's official recommendation is Sanskrit 2003, which is clear, readable, and exceptionally capable.

This site also uses a transliteration sceme called IAST to display Sanskrit in English letters. Most typefaces support IAST, but this site's official recommendation is Gentium, which is available for download here.

That's all for this page. If you came here from the "Sanskrit Grammar" page, you can click here to return.