Everything you need to keep learning Sanskrit

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Acquiring Sanskrit

  • Amarahasa is a free online library of beginner-friendly Sanskrit stories. All stories have word-for-word translations.
  • Samskrita Bharati teaches conversation Sanskrit through classes and workshops. They also offer an extensive selection of textbooks and novels in simple Sanskrit.

  • Vyoma-Saṃskṛta-Pāṭhaśālā offers online Sanskrit lectures in a classroom format.

Writing Sanskrit

Reference books

  • A Higher Sanskrit Grammar by M. R. Kale

    A comprehensive reference book that describes Sanskrit from the traditional perspective.

  • A Sanskrit Grammar for Students by A. A. MacDonnell

    A clear and readable reference book that describes Sanskrit from a Western perspective.

  • Sanskrit Grammar by W. D. Whitney

    The standard English-language reference book in the West. Includes notes on Vedic Sanskrit. We recommend the version hosted on Wikisource, which you can read here.

Vedic Sanskrit


Text collections

  • Sanskrit Documents is home to hundreds of different Sanskrit texts. Texts are available as PDF files, but by using this site's Sanscript tool, you can convert the ITX versions into any script you like.

  • GRETIL (Göttingen Register of Electronic Texts in Indian Languages) contains a large number of Sanskrit texts. These texts are in IAST, but you can convert them to Devanagari or another script by using this site's Sanscript tool.

  • The Free Indological Connection contains more than fifty rarer and more unusual Sanskrit texts, including a few copies of the Bhagavad Gita, a list of Sanskrit verb roots, and a translation of the New Testament into Sanskrit. Some texts are more interesting than others.

Online tools

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Code and software

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