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Exercises: iti and iva | Learn Sanskrit Online

Exercises: iti and iva


Now you can read almost anything. Have at it! We'll learn the extremely rare consonants ṭh, ḍh, and jh later on. There are also a few other letters of various sorts, but they are even rarer.

But if you're keen on practicing one last time, try writing the verses below in IAST.


Translate from Englishto Sanskrit.

In the last two exercises, "with" has the sense of company, as in "I go with my friend." So, the man doesn't own the horse; he's just near one. We'll study this fact after Starting Out.



As before, English meanings (in a more poetic translation this time) are provided for your curiosity. The highlighted words are ones you should recognize. We'll learn almost all of the rest after Starting Out. Bhagavad Gita 11.8 - 11.12:


Either man or cint could be used to translate the sentences above. I've used cint below.