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Secondary Suffixes | Learn Sanskrit Online

Secondary Suffixes

This page is a work in progress!

Suffixes that make nouns

SuffixMeaningGenderVowel change
relating to Xmfnstrong
इन्characterized by Xmf(inī)nnone
इकाa small X; of Xfnone
अकa small X; of Xmf(ikā)nnone
तमmore Xmfnnone
तरmost Xmfnnone
ताthe quality of X, X-nessfnone
त्वthe quality of X, X-nessnnone
मन्त्possessing Xmf(matī)nnone
मयmade of X, full of Xmf(mayī)nnone
मिन्see in
वन्त्possessing Xmf(vatī)nnone
विन्see in

Suffixes that make uninflected words

तस्from X
तिX many
त्रat X place
थाin an X way
दाat X time
वत्for X duration